Homologar celular gratis por internet ecuador

Homologar celular gratis por internet ecuador


Www.arcotel.gob.ec homologation

The homologation process serves to determine if the model of a cell phone or any other terminal equipment can operate in the country’s telecommunications networks without harm or interference.

From now on, the homologation process for cell phones and other telecommunications terminal equipment will be free of charge and can be done online. This was resolved by the Board of Directors of the Telecommunications Regulation and Control Agency (ARCOTEL), chaired by the Minister of Telecommunications and Information Society, Andrés Michelena.

On-line approval system

The Telecommunications Regulation and Control Agency (Arcotel) informed this Tuesday, August 25, 2020 that it is developing a virtual platform for citizens to access in the «coming weeks» the process of approval of cell phones online.

The homologation process (technical verification) is usually performed by manufacturers or importers interested in marketing the equipment in the country. However, any natural or legal person who has a cell phone or other device that can be inserted with a chip that is not homologated can request the homologation to Arcotel. E


The ICT Ministry announced the elimination of the charge for homologating a cell phone in Colombia. For more than a decade, operators and companies interested in marketing their equipment had to pay this million-dollar fee. From now on, users of non-approved phones can carry out this procedure more easily.

This resolution is expected to benefit users who have been affected by the new laws that prohibit the sending of non-approved cell phones by mail. The Communications Regulation Commission will be in charge of advising citizens and homologating their phones free of charge. Here we explain how.

Before submitting a homologation request to this commission, it is advisable to check on this website if your cell phone is on the list of terminals suitable to operate in the country. If the phone is not there, then you can continue with the application. This new procedure is completely online and it is necessary to have some information at hand.

Arcotel ecuador

I didn’t buy this cell phone on a whim, my choice is due to security reasons. For me it is very important to be able to have operating system updates that do not depend on the will of manufacturers and distributors. That is why I chose this phone. I assumed, wrongly, that if I could buy and use it in the United States, after passing all the protocols that exist there by the FCC, I would have no problems here. In fact, the CRC itself accepts certificates of conformity for equipment issued by the FCC, something that I found my Nexus5x complies with.

The fact that my cell phone is not approved in the country, in addition to being unexpected, means living with the constant fear of being blocked. My joy was enormous when I saw a news item in Enter where they stated that, now yes, anyone could homologate a cell phone in Colombia. I read the resolution of the Ministry and decided to dedicate part of the weekend to homologate my cell phone and get rid of my fear. This text is to tell you the story of how I failed.

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