Consulta de companias supercias superintendencia portal de informacion

Consulta de companias supercias superintendencia portal de informacion


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The Superintendent of Insurance, Josefa Castillo Rodriguez, participated in the First National Forum of Consumer Protection Actors, organized by the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (PROCONSUMIDOR) directed by Eddy Alcantara, on the occasion of the…

Josefa Castillo says Dominicans should feel proud of the efforts and achievements of Luis Abinader’s administration Political leader and Superintendent of Insurance, Josefa Castillo Rodríguez, considered that Dominicans should feel proud of the efforts of the President of…

Superintendence of companies consults

At the moment, efforts are aimed at the early detection of suspected cases for their timely study, confirming or ruling them out, providing adequate treatment and taking control measures for close contacts.

THE HEALTH SERVICES SUPERINTENDENT PARTICIPATED IN THE COFESAWithin the framework of the Federal Health Council (COFESA) held yesterday with the presence of the National Secretary of Health, Dr. Adolfo Rubinstein, the provincial health ministers and the head of PAMI, the Health Services Superintendent, Dr. Sebastián Neuspiller, highlighted the importance of the health services in the country. Sebastián Neuspiller, emphasized that the Integration system created in 2016 does not represent a cutback for disabled patients and stressed that «carrying out audits and controlling the efficiency of resources is what makes it possible to implement a quality program in health benefits for beneficiaries.»

Health Insurance Agents have a term of thirty (30) days (from the day following the day after the publication of the Resolution in the B.O) to submit the Affidavit required in the Annex of Resolution 262/18 S.S.SALUD.

Superintendency of banks ecuador

This initiative responds to two of the pillars of the administration headed by the Superintendent of Banks, Rafael Camilo, such as: the Technological Strengthening of the Institution and the Implementation of a Financial Education Program based on the premise that the «Financial Health of each Dominican is the basis of National Financial Health».

Among the innovations is the Financial Education mini-site, aimed at the creation of a banking culture and the massification of the good management of personal finances by the universe of users of the system.

The site incorporates a validation mechanism on the structure of the portal itself, which consists of the CSS tool of the W3C, to guarantee the highest efficiency in its functions with the use of state-of-the-art technologies and with the supervision of the Presidential Office of Information and Communication Technologies (OPTIC), and the Directorate of Ethics and Government Integrity (DIGEIC).

The administration headed by Rafael Camilo has managed to put online a portal that allows a much more agile and quicker access to the different contents that comprise the functions of the Superintendency of Banks, in line with a strategy of bringing the supervisory institution closer to the users of the Dominican Financial System.

Information portal system of the superintendence of companies

Supervised EntitiesEnter queries, complaints and suggestions about the Superintendence of Social SecurityAllows queries, as well as suggestions, compliments and complaints to be submitted to the Superintendence of Social Security, within the scope of its competence.

It is very useful that the interested party, whether a natural or legal person, submits its request through the electronic form provided at the end of this information sheet, which must be expressed clearly and precisely.

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