Conozca como suspender el ruc en linea sri

Conozca como suspender el ruc en linea sri


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Todos los usuarios de las carreteras de Nueva Zelanda contribuyen a su mantenimiento. La mayoría de los usuarios pagan tasas incluidas en la gasolina que compran. Otros, como los usuarios de vehículos diésel y de todos los vehículos pesados, pagan a través de las tasas de usuario de la carretera (RUC).

Todos los ingresos recaudados por las tasas de usuario de la carretera se destinan al Fondo Nacional de Transporte Terrestre y al Fondo Regional de Transporte Terrestre. Para conocer el coste de su RUC, visite Waka Kotahi

Los propietarios de vehículos alimentados por un combustible que no está gravado en origen, como los vehículos diésel, deben pagar el canon de uso de la carretera. Si tiene un coche, un UTE, una furgoneta o un vehículo pesado con una masa bruta del fabricante (GVM) de 3,5 toneladas (3.500 kg), necesitará un permiso de distancia. El permiso de distancia se adquiere en unidades de 1.000 km (620 millas).

Ecuador shri

After so many criticisms and requests from the citizens of Ecuador on the subject of the suspension of the RUC, currently the SRI makes available online the suspension of RUC for any taxpayer free of charge.

In this way, all kinds of tax obligations or fines can be temporarily avoided, so that you can obtain without difficulty the previous documents to work on all your own matters.

If you cannot afford the luxury of invoicing through your authorized sales receipts because you have to close your business for any reason, you can temporarily suspend your RUC.

You should be aware of this type of reasons because if for any reason you forget, surely in your business you will continue generating obligations of which you will not have time to pay them and therefore will accumulate an infinite amount of interest or even unnecessary fines that could have been avoided.

The time of delay for the suspension of the RUC to take effect has a period of time of about 72 hours so we advise you that after these 3 days, check for yourself to see if the procedure has become effective.

Single taxpayer registry

The digital certificates of electronic signature can be acquired in any of the certification entities authorized in the country by the Telecommunications Regulation and Control Agency – ARCOTEL. The following is a list of the certifying entities, whose procedures and requirements can be reviewed in the following links:

Once the request has been received, the Tax Administration will validate the requirements and within ten working days will send the respective reply informing you of the result of your request.

To learn about the correct fulfillment of your tax obligations, access our free virtual training through videoconferences or virtual self-study courses here.

What is the ruc

Are you a natural person and you are going to stop your economic activity? First you must Suspend the RUC in order not to have Tax Obligations with the SRI, such as: Make the Tax Return in the case of taxpayers registered in the General Regime or pay the monthly installments in the case of RISE taxpayers.

In the suspension of the RUC by Internet, the RUC is temporarily cancelled until you decide to restart your economic activity or start a new one. In addition, while you have your RUC suspended, you cease to comply with your obligations with the Internal Revenue Service of Ecuador.

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