Cne lugar votacion ecuador domicilio electoral consulta miembro mesa

Cne lugar votacion ecuador domicilio electoral consulta miembro mesa


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Frequently Asked Questions Elections 2021: Everything you need to know about the electoral process this May 15 and 16Do I need permission to vote in quarantined communities, can I travel to vote in another region, will there be a holiday this Saturday and Sunday, what should I bring to vote? In this space we will answer the main doubts that may arise regarding the elections of Constituent Conventions, Regional Governors, Mayors and Councilors, which we will experience this weekend.

Those who must travel to a region other than the one where they live must carry: the identity card, the sanitary passport that can be obtained at and the proof of the voting place that can be obtained at

All polling stations will operate from 08:00 to 18:00 hours on Saturday and Sunday.  The polling station cannot declare the closing of the voting in case there are people waiting in line. The limit is that no polling station may declare the closing of the polls after midnight on election days.

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After making a query, the voter’s first and last names are detailed, as well as the Province, Canton, Parish and Zone where the voter must vote. It also presents information about requests for change of address.

The Electoral Function will be formed by the National Electoral Council and the Contentious Electoral Tribunal. Both bodies will have their headquarters in Quito, national jurisdiction, administrative, financial and organizational autonomy, and their own legal personality. They will be governed by principles of autonomy, independence, publicity, transparency, equity, interculturality, gender parity, celerity and probity.

The CNE’s mission is to guarantee the exercise of political rights through the organization of electoral processes, support to political organizations and the promotion of electoral political knowledge.

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The National Electoral Council (CNE) activated text messaging for cellular phones so that Venezuelans may verify if the information provided by the electoral registry regarding the reception center to which they must go to express their will in the next elections is correct.

It added that people who need to change their voting center will be able to look for the closest place to their residence, until July 15, through the web page

The RE cut-off will be made on July 15 and will be published in the CNE’s web site on July 25. Only then will the movements of the special registration and updating operation be reflected. Currently, the CNE portal reflects the changes made up to May 31.

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