Banco del pacifico en guayaquil

Banco del pacifico en guayaquil

Banco del pacifico en guayaquil

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The birth of Banco del Pacífico modernized the Ecuadorian financial system by breaking with old concepts and practices of traditional banking, and the innovative use of the latest technology, which made it a benchmark in the country and the region.
As a result of the prudent and professional management of its administration, Pacífico was able to overcome the most difficult moments it went through during the financial crisis of 1999, after the death of its founder, Mr. Marcel Laniado de Wind. At the end of the following decade, it regained its position as one of the largest and most modern banks in Ecuador.

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The Vision of Banco del Pacífico is to be a profitable, flexible and modern organization, leader in quality financial services, based on ethical practices and international standards of efficiency.
To achieve this, we have a team of professionals committed to the Institution's Corporate Values and Business Principles. Our service network in Ecuador includes 1077 points of service: 70 Agencies, 4 Transactional Agencies, 8 Autobanks, 7 Autobancomáticos, 218 Bancomáticos, 19 CNT Collection Centers, 6 Collection Centers: Empresa Eléctrica de Guayaquil, 704 Puntomáticos and 41 Ventanillas de Extensión.

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With the purpose of providing a safe service that generates greater confidence in its customers, Banco del Pacífico is part of the virtual training program of biosecurity protocols and distinctive seals "Guayaquil BioSegura", granted by the Municipality of Guayaquil.
After successfully completing the training and preparation during a period of 4 weeks, the Bank has 17 audited and certified agencies. Among them are: Agencia Matriz, Mall del Sur, Unicentro, Mall del Sol, Albán Borja, Parque California, among others.

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Banco del Pacífico and the Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil, through its Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, signed an agreement to disseminate preventive health educational material.
Pictured from left: Ricardo Koenig, President Benemérita Sociedad Protectora de la Infancia and President of the AMCHAM Guayaquil CSR Committee; Eng. Efraín Vieira, BP Executive President; María Phillips and Carla Rossignoli, Past President and Executive Director of AMCHAM Guayaquil respectively.