Banco amazonas en guayaquil

Banco amazonas en guayaquil


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Inquiries, complaints and claims must be heard and resolved within a maximum term of fifteen (15) days, when they have originated within the national territory; and up to sixty (60) days, when they arise from operations related to international transactions.

It is expressly stated that the claimant has the right, in case of disagreement with the result of Banco Amazonas’ decision on his/her claim, to go to the Superintendency of Banks or to the Customer’s Ombudsman appointed by said supervisory entity.

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Banco guayaquil

Quito, December 2018.- With a keynote speech by Ec. Alberto Dahik on the «Economic Outlook for the close of 2018», Banco Amazonas offered a toast in its remodeled major Branch in Quito, in line with its proposal to provide a better experience to its customers with more comfortable, spacious and functional spaces that allow it to offer a more personalized and closer attention.

Banco Amazonas promotes comprehensive advice on its portfolio of loans and investments for individuals and companies. The remodeling of its offices will allow it to provide a superior service experience in every interaction with the client.

«Both the main office and the main branch of the Bank have a technological area where customers can manage themselves safely and securely, and a coworking area is about to be implemented where customers of Personal and Corporate Banking can use the Bank’s facilities for their business or work meetings,» said Freddy Trujillo Reyes, president of Banco Amazonas.

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Step by step for the passportWith respect to the passport, users will also be able to access this service electronically, especially for those who are in process for the visa application in the consulates that require it.AdvertisementThese are the steps for the issuance of ordinary passports for the first time. The processing time is approximately 60 minutes, according to the authorities:1. Enter the Virtual Agency at www.registrocivil.gob.ecEn in case you want to pay in cash, the system will generate a payment order that will be valid for three days.Inside the agency, those in charge will begin the process of capturing fingerprints, taking a photo and finally the signature in the area of the ID. When your information is verified, the service operator will register the delivery of the document. Remember that if the document is not withdrawn in a period of three months it will be destroyed.Guayaquil, September 6, 2021.- Civil Registry of 9 de Octubre and Pichincha. Passports and ID cards.

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