Www.registro de la propiedad quito

Www.registro de la propiedad quito

Www.registro de la propiedad quito

Municipality of quito

In addition, free advice on line 1800 510 510; BotWhatsApp 0986925363 or mail serviciosciudadanos@quito.gob.ec, being advisable always before leaving home to get advice through the municipal Contact Center to the lines indicated.
With this form of payment, users can cancel their procedures in a much more agile and faster way through the three options which are by credit or debit card from the SIREL System.
It is important to emphasize that the title of credit offers three payment options: 1. Payment with credit or debit card from the SIREL System; 2. Payment in person at the financial institutions that are within the agreement with the Municipality and 3.

Civil registration

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Property registry basin

On April 16, 2020, the Property Registry implemented the online registration process through which users may register acts or contracts that are subject to registration, these may be deeds that are suspended or deeds that are to be registered for the first time.
To register new deeds or suspended deeds through the virtual system implemented by the Property Registry the opening hours will be from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Certificate of encumbrance property registry quito

A reason is placed at the end of the deed presented in which the date of registration of the title and its location within the registry file is stated. Requirements: 1. Obtain a certified copy of the deed. 2. Pay the registration fee... Continue reading →
It is the inscription of all the measures ordered by a Judge, such as: - Lawsuits - Cancellation of Lawsuits - Prohibitions - Insolvencies - Interdictions, and of all precautionary measures. Voluntary Jurisdiction Registrations should also be considered such as: - ... Continue reading →
It is the management of the registration of the transfer or limitation to the domain of real estate in the Property Registry of the Metropolitan District of Quito. Requirements: 1. The deed must have attached the proforma, issued by revision of the ... Continue reading →
It is the certification issued by the Property Registry that accredits the right of dominion of a certain person over a certain property. Requirements: INDISPENSABLE REQUIREMENT: 1.Form RPC-01 1.1.In case of needing the certification of a particular property, it must ... Continue reading →