Vitapro ecuador cia. ltda.

Vitapro ecuador cia. ltda.


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We have an unalterable and transversal commitment to sustainability. Therefore, we seek to strengthen the growth of the industry by generating value to our stakeholders; creating environments with opportunities for progress in the communities where we operate, and managing our business with a minimum environmental impact.

Our purpose is to keep our customers at the center, which is why we maintain personalized and constructive relationships based on their needs to provide agile and flexible solutions in favor of their growth and profitability.

We guarantee the highest standards in our management, which is why we transform aquaculture businesses by providing innovative, high-value products and solutions. To achieve this, we rely on digital development and the use of new technologies.

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Vitapro Ecuador CIA Ltda es una empresa con sede en Ecuador, con su oficina principal en Guayaquil. La empresa opera en el sector de Comerciantes Mayoristas, Bienes No Durables. La empresa se constituyó el 12 de diciembre de 2013. 183 (2019) empleados trabajan actualmente para Vitapro Ecuador CIA Ltda. Hubo un aumento de los ingresos netos por ventas del 8,35% reportado en los últimos datos financieros de Vitapro Ecuador CIA Ltda para 2019. Hubo un crecimiento total del 45,72% en los activos totales de Vitapro Ecuador CIA Ltda durante el mismo período.

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We launched Nicovita’s genIA, a technological ecosystem that will enhance the productive processes of the Latin American shrimp industry, through substantial elements such as digitization, analytics and IoT (Internet of Things).

Data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence have become some of the most powerful tools in business decision-making, especially in the current context.

Exclusively for its clients, now through its online training programs, Nicovita will continue to provide talks and discussions on leadership, innovation, business, sustainability and others, with prominent speakers.

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Focused on the sustainability of the aquaculture industry, and the profitability of our customers, from our brand Nicovita we develop sustainable nutritional solutions for shrimp and fish, with the highest quality standards starting our commitment with the selection of raw material to the focus on our processes, always ensuring the best performance.

Our balanced feed and comprehensive technical advisory team, with extensive experience in various types of farming, allow our Nicovita brand to maximize the aquaculture producer and his business profitability.

We launched Nicovita genIA, a technological ecosystem that will enhance the production processes of the Latin American shrimp farmer, through substantial elements such as digitization, analytics and IoT (Internet of Things).

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