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Other research found outside the country addresses the study of constructivist pedagogy, such as the work of Vera (2009) developed in Medellin, which proposes constructivist teaching strategies, in which the teacher is the guide, who proposes activities for the students that contribute to improve their participation and responsibility, as well as to assume their commitment to learning due to their low academic level and lack of concern.

Robalino (2016) develops his research in an educational unit in the city of Ambato based on the constructivist pedagogical model and how it influences the learning process of the student body; at the same time, he concludes that the teaching staff does not carry this learning process in the classroom, so his class becomes boring due to the absence of other elements such as didactic material.

It is necessary to emphasize that the educator should not go with a strategy to teach classes, should have more breadth and flexibility, therefore, have resources that can be used if necessary, because many times it is necessary to apply different skills or skills or not planned for the students to pay due attention and even feel comfortable in class.

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Letras y Vida welcomes them with open arms. You are in your new home where you will grow into great high school graduates, make new friends and discover your vocation and interests. Our commitment is to you and your future. It is to give you the knowledge, but above all the attitudes, that will make you successful in life as individuals. This is done by working together, with us applying all our knowledge and experience to give you a long-term education in a changing world, and you putting your efforts into your training.

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Master in Telecommunications Administration. Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Educational Sciences of the Technical University of Manabí. Professor at the Technical University of Manabí. Portoviejo, Ecuador.

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Learning experience 7 – 3rd and 4th secondary school 2021

The Club de las letras, coordinated by UniRadio, aims to provide a space for literary encounters based on the presentation, analysis and discernment of the work of renowned authors. The aim is to generate among the students a transfer of information, contrast of opinions, reflection and debate on the reading and writing of literary texts of different genres, styles and trends.

It is recommended to follow the updates that are made on the website of the University Extension Diploma (link), as well as the offer in the cultural and sports program of the UJA to know the information regarding the characteristics of the activity and the dates of registration and implementation. The use of institutional mail will be required throughout the process.

Subsequently, in the meeting with the author, a debate will be held on the questions generated by the personal reading. In short, the aim is to encourage reflection and subsequent dialogue in order to achieve, in addition to comprehensive reading, an expressive reading.

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