Que horas son en ecuador

Que horas son en ecuador


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The best travel time for Ecuador is from January to October and December, when you will have mild or pleasant temperatures and little to moderate precipitation. The highest average temperature in Ecuador is 18°C in August and the lowest is 15°C in March.

The average climate of Ecuador, the monthly temperature or when the most rain or snow falls can be found quickly below. This way you are well prepared for your next trip or vacation. Our average monthly climate data is based on data from the last 30 years.

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The color code for Ecuador is part red and orange. There are high safety risks in the red areas. Due to the coronavirus, Ecuador is a high-risk area. Travel to Ecuador only when necessary and do not travel to the red areas. A vacation is not a necessary trip. If you are traveling from Ecuador to the Netherlands, you will need a corona permit. More information about the (travel) measures applicable in Ecuador and the Netherlands can be found in the section ‘Coronavirus’. Read the entire travel advice.

Do not travel to the area along the border with Colombia. A 20 km military zone has been established along the border with Colombia for the provinces of Esmeraldas, Carchi and Sucumbios. In this zone, attacks, kidnappings and violence occur, committed by guerrilla movements, drug gangs and other criminals. These groups are mainly present in Esmeraldas province and in some places in Carchi and Sucumbíos provinces.

There are security risks for travel on the Pan-American Highway through Carchi province via the Rumichaca Bridge at the Tulcan border crossing into Colombia. Stay on the highway and avoid areas outside this zone.

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Best Travel Time: Actually, you can visit Ecuador all year round. That the weather is unpredictable is the only predictable thing in Ecuador. Because it lies on the equator the differences throughout the year are not very big. Locally, however, it can be very different. For example, in the Andes it is always spring; with cold nights and sometimes warm sunny days. The coast and jungle are tropically warm.

Internet: Internet cafes can be found everywhere, down to the smallest villages. Email often works well to check, although the connection is often slow. Computers in smaller towns are often older, and if you want to load photos, take your time. This is an afternoon filling activity.

Calling: In most places you will find cabinas telefonicas, or the place to be if you need a phone. Coin-operated and card-operated telephone booths can be found on almost every street corner. Phone cards can be bought in small stores and street stalls. Often calling from abroad with your own cell phone is very expensive. We therefore bought a local SIM card to make cheaper calls. The largest providers in Ecuador are Alegro, Movistar and Porta. The cheaper

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In addition to current observations with radar images from the past hour, you can also see the precipitation forecast and showers for the next 2 hours in Ecuador. Zoom in on the map or use the search box to get more detailed information for your exact location. If it is currently raining somewhere in Ecuador, we also show where the rain is moving to and what time the precipitation will arrive at a particular location. Tip: for more information use the location’s rain planner with rain forecast up to 2 hours ahead.

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