La casa del ruliman guayaquil

La casa del ruliman guayaquil


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Casa del Ruliman del Ecuador S.A. Carrulesa es una empresa de Ecuador, con sede en Guayaquil. Opera en el sector de la fabricación de piezas de vehículos de motor. La empresa se constituyó el 09 de agosto de 1983. Actualmente cuenta con un número total de 103 (2019) empleados. De los últimos datos financieros destacados, Casa del Ruliman del Ecuador S.A. Carrulesa reportó una caída de los ingresos netos por ventas del 18,53% en 2020. Durante ese tiempo, los activos totales de Casa del Ruliman del Ecuador S.A. Carrulesa disminuyeron un 7,71%. En, 2020, el margen de beneficio neto de la empresa aumentó un 2,64%.

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Summary : Having identified customer service problems in the company CASA DEL RULIMAN S. A. located in the city of Guayaquil, in the areas of Logistics and Inventory, we conducted this study. The objective is to propose an Improvement Plan in the inventory management in this company, through the implementation of actions and follow-ups to those responsible for its execution. We relied on the quali-quantitative method for the review of the related information. We reviewed the inventory control models and procedures; we analyzed the results of physical inventory taking in 2015; surveys to the areas of sales, telesales, purchasing, warehousing, identifying the main weaknesses

We analyzed the cash flow indexes in which inventories play an important role. As a result we obtained that 82.4% of the users indicate that they do not receive a good service to achieve their departmental objectives, damaging the results of sales and profitability of the business; the company does not have formal procedures and controls; they maintain a high percentage of inventory differences and the cash flow is tight for Treasury at the time of disbursements. We conclude that the company should implement the action plan for the development of processes; implementation of indicators; and the development of the company’s business plan.

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The acronym ISIC stands for: International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities, abbreviated as ISIC. The ISIC is the classification of all economic activities whose purpose is to establish a standardized and comparable codification at world level.

Sales of all types of parts, components, supplies, tools and accessories for motor vehicles such as: tires (rims), inner tubes for tires (tubes), including spark plugs, batteries, lighting equipment, electrical parts and pieces.

In this section the wholesale and retail trade (sale without transformation) of any type of item, and the performance of secondary services for wholesale and retail are the final steps in the distribution of merchandise. It contains the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles.

Division 45 encompasses all activities related to the sale and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, while division 46 and 47 includes all other sales activities. The distinction between division 46 (wholesale) and division 47 (retail) is based on the predominant type of customer.

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