Instituto superior de arte culinario isac

Instituto superior de arte culinario isac


Instituto superior de alta cocina (isac) graduation ceremony

In the Instituto Superior de Alta Cocina you can obtain knowledge and culinary skills with our platform in the comfort of your kitchen, just a click away and from your computer or mobile device.

ISAC PANAMA was the first Cooking Institute that the Ministry of Education of Panama approved, on September 20, 2004 opened its doors in Panama City, something that already existed in almost every country in the world and Panama escaped that reality.

Instituto Superior De Alta Cocina Online. It is the adaptation to the current needs of each of you. We will give classes with the same quality of our face-to-face sessions and now with the reach of many more people.

With each video you watch you will have the opportunity to learn something new, you will also have the option to ask the chefs and receive answers that will help you out of your doubts and learn much more.

During the development of the career we developed and lived many experiences that allowed us to evolve in a very broad way allowing us to have an excellent culinary practice or internships in hotels of great trajectory. I competed in cooking and chef institute and being part of top chef Panama, for me has been one of the best experiences of my life. Thanks to ISAC PANAMA and all its organization, to the chef Luis Pinedo who always motivated us and was pending throughout the race.

Instituto superior de alta cocina (isac) camp of

The present research will address through a case study the educational inclusion at university level, by means of the evaluation of the management in inclusion of a higher technological institute of Guayaquil-Ecuador, the Instituto Superior de Arte Culinario (ISAC), with the purpose of knowing the conditions with respect to the attention to diversity within the institution in the areas of directive, academic, administrative and community management. ).

The study will be carried out at ISAC because it is a private Higher Education Institution, which arose from the continuous development and projection of the Chefs’ School, an Occupational Training Center, created in 1999. The School was one of the first gastronomic training institutions in Guayaquil, it is an institution with a long trajectory and a teaching and administrative staff with extensive experience, in addition to the availability of a wide range of training courses.

Graduación isac 2016

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Whenever Santiago Granda returned home from school in Quito, he never entered through the front door. He always entered his home through the kitchen door, where every afternoon his mother was preparing something.

Pots boiling on the stove, the sound of the mixer or the blender, the bell of the oven alerting that the cake was ready, are sounds that activate the childhood memory of this chef, current director of the Chefs’ School and the Higher Institute of Culinary Art (ISAC).

The market was also another important stage where he shared with his mother his interest in cooking. «It was great, for me it was quite a ride,» he exclaims. And as a reward, when they finished shopping, mother and son would end up enjoying «un platito» in the food court where the traditional hornado, potato tortillas, milkshakes and juices were offered.

Today, two decades later and turned professional chef, Santiago admits that he has not managed to surpass his mom in the kitchen. «She has a skill! She can get three things cooking at the same time, while chatting. I couldn’t cook that fast,» he says with a smile full of love for the woman who started him in his profession.

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