Empresas de call center quito

Empresas de call center quito


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– Knowledge of Word, Excel and…  ConfidencialQuito, Quito (canton)1 month ago …the call center assistant mustaccept orders, requests and orders.provide users with information and support regarding banking products or servicescanalyze complaints, customer claimsprovide information on opening hours and availability…  Centro Optico IndulentesPichincha20 days ago200 USDTeleoop to manage appointments . Part time 200.00 plus commission.ServiencuestasQuito, Quito (canton)1 day agoTelemarketing and Call Center Agent

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Part of its communication strategy has been to remain separate from the mass media and to link directly with the companies and institutions that require its services. Satisfying their demands has been the best reference. It has been responsible with its clients, supporting leading companies with its services. Another way of communicating its services has been the organization and participation in congresses of national and international importance. For example, it was the sole organizer of the First International Call Center Seminar Quito – Ecuador, 1999; First International Call Center Seminar Guayaquil – Ecuador, 2001; First International Conference on Telehealth & Telemedicine Quito – Ecuador 2011.

It becomes the first brand in the area of Telemedicine and Tele Home Care, that is, health care at home. It is a remote medical care system, through which a patient is attended through a telephone line or the Internet, and is a corporate member of the American Telemedicine Association ATA.

call center quito

En Alemania hay más de 3 millones de empresas. No todas ellas necesitan un centro de llamadas, pero muchas de estas empresas podrían sin duda beneficiarse de los servicios de un centro de llamadas o ya están buscando activamente un proveedor. Esto se compara con más de 700 centros de llamadas, sólo en Alemania. En Europa hay muchos más.

Para captar la atención de los clientes adecuados y ser considerado un proveedor relevante se requiere una estrategia de marketing bien pensada. Tiene que saber quiénes son sus clientes ideales, cuáles son sus necesidades, cómo puede ayudarles su oferta de servicios, qué puede hacer mejor que la competencia y, en definitiva, dónde puede encontrar a sus clientes ideales con estos mensajes.

Esto nos permite proporcionar pistas cualificadas a los centros de llamadas apropiados, y sólo recibimos una compensación en caso de que la derivación tenga éxito. Porque nuestro objetivo no es remitir el mayor número posible de proyectos, sino lograr la mayor calidad y satisfacción posibles con los proyectos remitidos.

Con la ayuda de un proceso inteligente de emparejamiento basado en datos y la experiencia de nuestros expertos en centros de llamadas, creamos una selección individual de proveedores adecuados para cada proyecto del cliente. De este modo, nos aseguramos de que sólo reciba consultas de clientes que también encajen en su gama de ofertas.

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Now, commercial houses, companies of assistance services, funeral, insurance, health, market research, political opinion polls, mass consumption, among others of the corporate area have also joined; without disregarding the market that at particular level is being generated, where independent people rent operation stations and hire not only by hours but also by results.

This growth, says Lucía Hernández, Recover’s general manager, is due to the need of organizations to have a specialized service and technological infrastructure to massively reach more people, achieve their sales objectives, recover portfolios, remember payments or verify information.

«A contact center is far from being simply a group of people calling. We have become strategic allies of the companies that hire our services, because behind each call there are statistical analyses, location probabilities, customer profiling, contactability scores, analysis of the best time and management channel, etc.», he says.

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