Cooperativa san francisco de asis

Cooperativa san francisco de asis


Pichincha bank

Get your Visa – Coonecta – Asis debit card, and shop at millions of stores nationwide and worldwide; you will also be able to transact at any ATM nationally and internationally.

On September 9, 2021, the Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito San Francisco de Asís Ltda. and the Instituto Superior Tecnológico Honorable Consejo Provincial de Pichincha signed an inter-institutional agreement that seeks to strengthen the knowledge of financial education among students of technology, most of whom are trained to support the country’s economy through entrepreneurship.

Since February 18, 2021, our institution has a new transactional website where you can make payments for basic services, credit cards from other financial institutions, vehicle registration, traffic fines, interbank transfers and many more services.

Ambato cooperative

By 2025, we will be a digital cooperative with nationwide presence, supported by a technological ecosystem with sustained and efficient growth that guarantees the development of our members/customers.

On the afternoon of April 7, 1965, in the heart of Quito, the convent of San Francisco, about 80 people summoned by the rector and guardian Fray Estanislao Yépez attended the words of the Jesuit priest on the advantages of the virtue of permanent savings, no matter in what amount.

Thus was born the Cooperative San Francisco de Asis, with 13 active members who contributed 100 sucres each, to reach a total capital of 1300 sucres. Although led by a Jesuit, it was not the initiative of a religious congregation, but a civil enterprise with a deep social conscience.

In fact, it was basically a solidary and humane response to the reality experienced by the merchants and the middle class of the capital at that time, when informal moneylenders and chulqueros took advantage of people’s needs.

Mushuc runa cooperativa

Resumen : En esta investigación se analiza la calidad y el desempeño de los índices financieros, de la cooperativa de ahorro y crédito «San Francisco de Asís» Ltda., y su comportamiento frente a otras cooperativas que hacen parte del segmento 2 y de la misma zona geográfica, la recopilación de información técnica como: la observación, las entrevistas y las encuestas ayudan a generar información para el propósito de estudio, por lo que se verifica la incidencia entre el análisis CAMEL y la toma de decisiones a través de chi cuadrado, para el periodo 2014-2015.

La información financiera es la más importante de cada entidad en activo, obviamente los demás activos lo serán, pero será posible adquirirlos de alguna manera, sin embargo si se tiene algún problema con la información financiera de la institución no será posible obtener datos e indicadores reales, por esta razón nace la investigación en la que dedicamos nuestro esfuerzo a analizar, comparar e interpretar el desarrollo eficiente y eficaz de los índices financieros. La fuente de información financiera para esta investigación es la emisión mensual de la Superintendencia de Economía Popular y Solidaria (SEPS), para identificar de manera oportuna y confiable el grado o desempeño de cada entidad.

October 29th cooperative

The Cooperative of Services for Agricultural Production San Francisco de Asis R.L. (COOPESAFRA R.L.) was founded on September 26, 1991, with 44 members. (COOPESAFRA R.L.) was founded on September 26, 1991, with 44 members. Its working capital was C$ 44,000.00 (Córdobas) and its objective was to collect and commercialize the milk of its associates at a better and stable price.

The Cooperativa de Servicios para la Producción Agropecuaria San Francisco de Asís, R. L., legally established, is constituted to collect and market the milk of its members at a better and stable price. legally established, is constituted to collect, process and commercialize the milk production of the member, guaranteeing a fair and stable price, providing all the necessary services of intermediation of short and long term financial activities, in order to raise the standard of living of the associate and contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the Cooperative, with the purpose of improving the standard of living of the associate and contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the Cooperative, social and cultural development of the Cooperative, women and the municipality, providing technical assistance, promoting and developing programs of integral technology and administrative training Cooperative, programs aimed at the conservation and rational use of the environment, leading to ensure a safe environment for the productive activity of Camoapa.

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