Cambridge school of languages quito

Cambridge school of languages quito


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Small working groups, so that the study methodology that we handle in the institution is effective and allows us to have the best results, we must adhere to a system of work with a maximum of 10 students per classroom or virtual classroom, in this way our teachers can teach their classes much more interactive and participatory with the entire working group.

Our final objective is focused on the international certification of all students who have placed their trust in our institution. Cambridge Assessment’s international exams and certifications, are directed depending on age and knowledge.

It is one of the best courses to learn English, quickly help you adapt to understand and listen to the contents, easy access with convenient schedules that fit daily activities. Thanks to Nova English and the range of professionals who work in this institution. shambles

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*Cash payments are not accepted at the academies.  Payment Benefits – 5% discount on cash payments or bank deposit.  – Credit card payments at 3 months interest free.  – 12% discount presenting El Universo Readers Club card in cash payments.

Our English program for Adolescents and Adults offers 2 certifications that guarantee the correct command of the English language under international standards. This program will allow you to travel, work, study or interact internationally without any difficulty.  Levels:

– 5% discount on cash payments or bank deposit.  – Credit card payments at 3 months interest free.  – 12% discount on cash payments with El Universo Readers Club card.

In these courses, activities are developed to improve fluency and increase vocabulary, dealing with topics of general interest such as travel, food, business, internet, etc.  The main objective of the conversation course is to develop oral and auditory production in order to achieve spontaneous and fluent communication.

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These exams go hand in hand with the Cambridge books to guarantee that our students acquire the necessary skills to progressively improve their English from Pre A1 to C1 level.

All these aspects allow the English Program of our Institution to guarantee results, so that our students can have more opportunities in the future and a greater personal and professional development.

The school was always attentive and focused on our correct formation. Thanks to the best teachers, who were always concerned that each student can improve as a person, to help our society in the future.

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We guarantee our students that they will not miss any face-to-face classes and can make them up at any time, as well as take the most difficult topics as many times as necessary until they master them.

Our Blended methodology takes advantage of the most effective ways of learning, using recognized content based on real-world tasks. The comprehensive content catalog provides students with the soft and technical skills they need to succeed personally and professionally, while learning English.

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